Week Fifteen Summary

Well it has been an interesting endeavor to say the least.  After frustrating myself trying to learn how to do something new, I took the advise of a fellow classmate who commented that I should look back at what I had already done and build from there.  That was very helpful and my story idea developed quickly.  I found a TIME Magazine cover and edited it for my story idea as an exclusive expose.

Creating the project was something else.  I first started by downloading and editing movie trailers, then I wrote a script, then I had my family play the parts of a news report and I filmed them.  I added my family film to the movie clips and created a news report.  This was very similar to the audio radio show project but was a video version.  I had my host character Esmerelda, the fortune teller talking with Steven Spielberg during a crystal ball reading where she introduced the movie trailers one at a time.  The movie trailers were Spielberg’s thoughts which were seen in the crystal ball reading.  The audio of Esmerelda and Steven Spielberg was not good; so I muted the sound on the original film clips and had my family record their script parts in audio only which I added to the film clips.  But I hated it.  It seemed uninventive and kind of boring to watch the whole things.  So I started over.

I decided that since I was using the TIME Magazine cover for my inspiration that I would write a magazine article rather than a video news report.  In order to use the video images I crafted it as an online magazine article/report.  This allowed me to combine a written article with embedded video clips.  I was also able to use the magazine cover as an opening page with an intro and a “read more” link which takes you to the blog post with the article itself.  I was much happier with the outcome of this version of the project.

I was really happy with the design editing features I found right here in the blog for my written content.  I used the Blockquote feature to make the magazine article introduction and closing which set it apart from the article content and gave it an appearance that looked like a magazine article heading.  I used simple bold and italics for the article content itself and embedded the video into the article.   My host character did not introduce and close the article but she did open and close the crystal ball reading session.  The article was introduced by the magazine author, which I used my name for.  The entire story is considered an exclusive expose article that is told by the articles author based on an eyewitness account of the events and hidden camera video which the eyewitness was able to record of the crystal ball images.  I edited the movie trailer clips even more than what I used in the video project.  Then I found a crystal ball video which I added to the front of the movie clips and used some video editing to shatter the image as it transitioned to from the crystal ball to the video images.  After I finished I had two blog posts.  One for the magazine cover introduction and one for the article with video clips.  When I was done I selected an option under the publish tab to have the magazine cover blog post be the first post in the site and when I viewed it there was a “feature” tag at the top.  This looked like it was intended to show the magazine cover as a “feature story”.  I think this version of the project turned out very good.  Also I feel like there is likely to be a lot of video storytelling for this project so going with an old school written project with some video incorporated will be a little different.  Hopefully you like it.

My project includes writing, design work, still photography, and video.  I wrote the story/article, designed the still photography magazine cover, added still photography images of Steven Spielberg and Esmerelda, and edited the video clips.  There is audio in the video clips, but I did not record this audio nor edit it.  I am happy with the final project.  I think it is a neat and tidy presentation of a story . . . discovering what Steven Spielberg fears, and it is a good use of my host character.

In other news . . . besides the project this week I also posted my assignment ideas and tutorials.  Better late than never!  And that’s a wrap!



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