Week 9 Summary

This week was when we got the chance to listen to our radio shows!  I listened to mine and then the Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour.  I wrote several tweets during the show and wrote a reflection on it later.

We also were tasked to do several assignments from the assignment bank which incorporated host characters.  I did all visual assignments which included the following:

A historical photo which included a host character in attendance much the way Forest Gump kept popping up in historically significant events.   To create this assignment I simply found a photo of Honest Abe giving the Gettysburg Address and used Microsoft Paint to add Red Reaper into the audience.

A camp poster for Esmerelda’s Fortune Telling.  Esmerelda is my own host character and I had used Mobilefish.com to make a radio show promotional poster previously so I simply used this application again to make this camp poster.

The best assignment I completed this week was a Buck List assignment.  This one asked you to put four photo’s of something you wanted to do into a collage and then insert text explaining.  The assignment directed you to befunky.com where it was extremely easy to upload photo’s into a collage.  In order to feature our host characters I used the promotional posters created by my radio show group members to show that I would like to see Felicia’s clown show, listen to Scott’s Edward Creepy radio show, watch Gussie’s Red Reaper Movie (the Society), and have my fortune read by Esmerelda (my own host character).  While I did not collaborate with my team members on the creation of this collage . . . we did all collaborate to make these individual items that I used.

I also managed to do all three Daily Creates this week:

And now I have told you what I did this week . . . so on to Week #10!  See you there ~ if you dare!

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