Week 8 Summary

This week was a group project week.  I am a member of Group 4 along with Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, and Rebecca Reverco (Gussie).  We took our group radio show name from Scott’s host character Edward Creepy.  We made Edward Creepy the host of the radio show.  For the show Edward interviews two movie critics who bring the star of a newly released movie, the Red Reaper (who is Gussie’s host character).  Ellen and Felicia were the movie critics and simply used their own names.  To incorporate the host character for Ellen and Felicia we each made a commercial related to their host character.  Ellen’s host is a fortune teller and her advertisement was for fortune telling services.  Felicia’s is a scary clown and her commercial was for a clown show.

The show format was for Edward Creepy to interview Ellen and Felicia about a variety of horror movies.  Felicia gave the insight into what was good about the films and Ellen gave the bad.  Then there was the Red Reaper who gave what we consider the ugly comments.  We were able to include a number of commercials and radio bumpers that the team members had made over the course of the two weeks.  I am very pleased by the end project we produced.

The Edward Creepy Show on DS106 Radio

Scott did a great job as the radio show host.  I think he could have a career here.  The show highlighted the theme or trailer from each of the movies being critiqued.  Between those and the commercials and radio bumpers there was plenty of music and sound effects featured.  I hope everyone likes it.

Here are the commercials I submitted:

Show Poster

I have to give partial credit to Felicia for this last one; it was her idea and she provided the content and I recorded the audio.

This is the radio bumper I created:

Foggy DS106

I also have to give credit to Free Sound for the free downloads with sound and music I which are detailed in last weeks blog.

Unfortunately I did not get to comment on anyone’s work this week.  But I am very excited to hear the final projects.

I did do two of the Daily Creates:

Bad Habits in a Good Way

Luckiest Day

It was a challenging week as they all seem to be this semester.  Ok now rest and ready for week 9.



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