Week 7 Summary

I love my radio show team!  I hope we don’t bust here at the end but the team is really doing well figuring out the format for the show and putting together all the pieces.

This week has been dedicated to creating audio assignments in preparation of the radio show that will be due next week.  I am pleased with most of what I did this week.

I created a promotional poster featuring my host character who is a fortune teller, Esmerelda, who tells people to listen to DS106 radio.  This was an easy assignment and I love how it turned out.

I also created an audio assignment that was supposed to be a good morning message to the Village.  I prepared mine as a morning weather report aired on the radio station.  I love how this one turned out and submitted it to the team for using in the show.

I also did an audio assignment entitled spooky dialoug and so I created a commercial for our show using my host character in an advertisement for her fortune telling services.  This was the best project I did this week.

My last audio assignment, all of which were done on Audacity, was a 911 emergency call which I also tried to tie to the show but I am not happy with how this one turned out and so it will not be used for the show.  The post will explain my issues with this assignment.

My comments on others work for this week included:

Tori Lear

The Headreaper (my radio show teammate)


Mikes Spooky



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