Week 6 Summary

Where to begin.  I am no design expert and I am running out of time so I am just going to lay it out for you quickly . . . here you go:

Design Blitz was fun and easy to do . . . I always appreciate that!

The Perfect Love Story is one I got to sit in the front row for.  It is based on the true story of my daughter and son-in-law.  Nothing like young love.  Hope it lasts forever!

The Vignelli Cannon was a perfect guide for the novice designer.

I watched Black Sabbath Trilogy and wrote my review of each film.  This was the most relaxing assignment I have had so far.

The assignments; well what can I say.  I love the ones I created . . . who knew? There is my favorite of Professor Groom in a movie poster and there were two GIF’s.  I surprised myself that I could do this.  The first one was Stickman on post it notes turned into a GIF using a simple online application.  Since I got to know how to use that software and we were allowed to do two of them this week I did another.  Not really in keeping with our theme or the season but I felt like one good GIF deserves another; so here is my Christmas Card!

Last but not least are the Daily Creates.  I only got two in this week because of my issues with twitter.  Once my computer crashed I could not figure out my twitter password and it took forever to get it reset . . . #I’mOld!  I did finally get it done and here’s what I tweeted:  Guess what they aren’t showing . . . Ugh.  I did do two!

Better Luck Next Week I Guess. . . stay tuned.


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