Week 2 Summary – Welcome to my nightmare

Another week of digital storytelling by blog in the horror genre!  This week placed greater demands on the use of digital mediums and definitely broadened my skillset for the use of audio and visual software applications.  I am truly thankful for the low tech assignments but twice as thankful for those who provided tutorials for how to do some of the assignments.  A tutorial helped me move passed a brick wall and enabled me to learn something new with user-friendly step-by-step instructions.  I did carve out a little time to get my blog looking better and I continued to try and increase my online participation.  So, here is what I did this week:

I read about digital storytelling and how the web has created a new means for storytelling that is very different from what we used to know as traditional storytelling. Read about it in my post entitled,  Storytelling on the web.  This post will link you to the original story about how the “Slender Man” was created and evolved into an online show.

I viewed and responded to several old horror movies about dolls that come to life.  The response provided a review of what I thought worked and didn’t work in the movie as it relates to telling a horror story.  The post I wrote closes with a discussion of phobia’s.  I learned that a fear of dolls is called pediophobia.  In this post you will be about to link to the movies and a list of definitions for phobia’s.

This week we were introduced to a process called the daily create.  This is a ds106 site that asks you to do something creative.  The key is you have to do it on the day it is posted and you had to do at least three.  This process made me nervous because I was afraid I would miss the easy ones and be left with something too hard for me to complete.  If that happened I might not get three done.  In fact they were easy and fun.  I managed to do three of them, check them out; My toast, RAMBOReal Life, and Photo Text.  The Real Life was the most challenging for me.  I had to take a photo of another photo and make it appear like the first photo was part of something in real life.  I used a monkey in a tree.  My issue for these was that I uploaded them to Flickr.com and tag them correctly (I think), but they never appeared on the dailycreate site.  I’ll have to look into what is going on with my Flickr account.

This week also introduced the Assignment Bank and encouraged use to select projects to create using different mediums.  We had to do something from three different categories.  The first one I did was a Writing Assignment, which was very easy.  You just had to find a picture and write a story about it on your blog.  The second on I did was a Visual Assignment, which I was only able to do because I noticed when I was reading the assignment instructions that someone has posted a tutorial.  You can see this in my blog post.  The third and final assignment I did this week was an Audio Assignment.  This one is my favorite.  I made a phone call to myself and then edited it so it sounds like two different people.  Way cool.  The software was easy and I loved the end result.  I used the Scary Movie phone call scene for my inspiration, check it out.  You will also read about my struggles to get this audio to post on my blog, and how I eventually figured it out!

One final thought, I just figured out how to put the links to my other posts into this post.  Okay, I am slow, but moving along none the less.  Tired heading into week three ~ oh to be young again!

Here’s some participation building activities for this week:


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