Week 11 Summary

This week we continued with our video creations. I started the week by reading and watching film clips about movie making.  This week we were required to do video assignments and use our host character in some way in many of them.  One of the assignments in the assignment bank was to take an audio you had already made and put a video with it.  For this assignment I took a commercial I had previously made for the radio show which was advertising my host character, Esmerelda the Fortune Teller.  I added still pictures which I made on bitstrips.com which told a story that went along with the audio and then converted it in a movie.  My Esmerelda Fortune Teller Commercial turned out pretty good.

Another assignment where I was able to incorporate my host character was to make a short DIY Commercial.  I used this assignment to explain how I created Esmerelda on bitstrips.com and you can do it too!

For my final host character assignment this week I created a Special Person Montage video and added the host character at the beginning to introduce the video.  My special person is my grandson, Patrick.  He is the only grandchild I have so far so he is the ruler of my universe.

The last assignment I did was a requirement for everyone in the course; I did not use my host character in this assignment.  The assignment was to make a Mini Documentary.  I made a video of my daughter’s boyfriend in my basement laundry room.  Kyle is a music major in college and he help me out with this assignment.

And last but not least I created the Daily Creates required for this week.  I love the cracked sidewalk art the most!







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