Week 10 Summary

This week is videodrome and we had two choices this week, we could work together as a group again and create a video or do work from the video assignment bank.  I chose to do work from the assignment bank because the time commitment for working in a group is problematic for me right now.

We started out by learning how to do an analysis of cineamatic camera work for film by reading and viewing videos done by others.  Then we were tasked with applying what we learned by making our own video essay for one scene from a movie of our choice.  I chose the escape scene from the movie Shawshake Redemption.  This scene is shot in a small space and is one where the actor is seeking answers he is convinced the others have.  The scene ends with the climatic discovery by the characters which provides the answers being sought.  The camera shot used to capture this moment was great and was easy to identify for purposes of the video essay.

For my assignment work this week I did two videos.  One which I love how it turned out was a highlights reel for one of my favorite professional athletes.  I used highlight clips and put them together in this “highlight reel” and then incorporated music which I think turned out perfect.  For the second video I had to use my host character in some way so I created a 30 second documentary.  The documentary tells the story of how parents worry about their children.  Because of our theme the story is a bit over dramatic and creepy but it is a cartoon so hopefully it is not taken too seriously.  The clip was supposed to be done with image only so no dialogue.  I did include a tag line on each of the clips and added some background sound.  This turned out very good, even though the story is a little over dramatic.  I also did the daily create assignments this week:


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