Week 1 Summary for Death by DS106

I cannot say it loud enough – – – OMG!  Until this week my online social media was confined to facebook; and even on that I limited myself to viewing and clicking the like button.  That’s because anytime I attempted to make a comment it ended up on the wrong post.  And let’s not even talk about uploading a photo.  So this week has been a very big challenge and I have done the best I could.  I do expect it will improve (hopefully).  So where to start?

What did I learn?  I learned how to make a sound recording and add it to a still image on Windows Live Movie Maker.  I used this for my Youtube Introduction and my Scary Story.  I feel like this is very low tech but it was what I could accomplish in the limited time I had to navigate the technology and come up with something.  Remember I am starting at below grade level (such as from the crypt).

What was harder than expected?  Setting up a Yahoo email account so that I could set up a Flickr account.  Not sure why I kept stumbling on this, but it finally got done.  It was also hard to start so many accounts at one time  and wait for the authorizations and then remember what I needed to go back and do (or where I needed to go back and do it).

What was easier than expected?  Getting a gravatar.  It was also very cool and I like the one I picked.  If you listen to my introduction, you’ll see why.  Just a fun thing all around.

What drove me crazy was writing the scary story and making an attempt at creativity with it’s delivery.  My family finds it has more comedic value than horror.  My three year old grandson was told it was Grandma’s scary story and he replied it was “Mary Scary” ~ big laughs all around.  I don’t mind I have been laughing about it since I did it, but that’s not really in keeping with the horror theme.  My daughter did say she was surprised the brother was dead, so I guess I accomplished a little horror.

The thing that puzzles me still is Twitter . . . there is a lot of chatter going on there and I have no idea what it is about.  Also, I have pondered it but I just can’t figure out where the value lies in it?  And who is following me and why are they following me??  Now that’s got horror written all over it.  My daughter told me to just put #old at the end of all my tweets.

Tags – not really sure what these do?  I have been putting #ds106 wherever I see the box to add Tags, but not sure what it accomplishes.

As for my blog site, please forgive how crude it is . . . I plan to work on sprucing it up next week.  Hopefully I will have more time now that I have a little experience (ha)!

So here’s some embedded data on the work I accomplished:

Some music I played around with on Soundcloud to put with my Gravatar, I think I also shared this on Twitter:

I love this gravatar picture!!!  That’s little old me all week long!

A photo I found on flickr and posted along with a tweet:


My Youtube Introduction:

Not sure why I did it but I put my scary story on Youtube.  And I don’t think I did it under the Gravtar . . . So not good but I did put it in my blog the next day, but here is the Youtube embedded code item.

Give it a listen, I know you will get a chuckle out of it!

Here are a few tweets I made:

So week one – check!  Heading into round two.  Welcome to my nightmare is exactly right.








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