Summary Week 4

This week was very fast and furious for me.  I was dealing with the loss of a family member who is near and dear to my heart.  However, I did manage to get all the work done.  Not sure I can articulate what I did very well but here’s what happened, as I remember it.

This week was all about visual storytelling.  I started by telling you all about my lack of photography experience and all about my faceless family photos.  I got a chance to watch the 1939 film the Bride of Frankenstein and write my reflection on their use of  cinematography techniques.

Things got a little scary when I had to post a paranormal image.  For lack of much imagination I used a photo of a shadow on the wall and told you a story of encountering it at a remote campground.

For the weekly visual assignments I was able to create a food collage by placing images into paint, I took a photo with my phone and move a few things and took it again for a finding differences photo, I created my own farm animals using paint to crop and place animal parts on top of another animal, then I got to really have fun by finding three photos to tell a  love story.

Since I was late to the work this week I had to do my daily creates on the last three days.  I did manage to post a dumb doodle sketch, create an old photo, and send a bon voyage video to Jim Groom.

Then there was the 20 minute photoblitz.  This assignment was actually a lot of fun.  I took the pictures with my cell phone and sent them to myself in an email.  I then saved them as jpeg images in my picture folder.  One of the photos I was required to take was a picture through something to get a picture of something else.  I took this picture through my curio cabinet and got a picture of a Hello Kitty pillow on the other side.  What was funny about this one was when I was working with posting it to my blog I was flipping this image to ensure it was upright; for this image it kept appearing to be upside down.  I finally opened it and realized that due to the glass and mirrors in the curio cabinet, the image came out with a reflection of the pillow at the top.  So there was one at top and bottom of the photo.

Okay, bring on week five!

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