Summary for Week 5

Things started out as usual . . . then they got a little hairy.  Like bigfoot jumped out of the woods and leaped on top of me pinning me down so that I could not move anymore.  Okay, a little dramatic, but so has this week been.

I began with reading, listening, and contemplating audio and its impact on storytelling.  No problem here.

I even did a daily create that was fun . . . featuring Abbey Road.


I thought about a radio show and how we might want to host a 20 – 30 minute segment.  Still okay.

Now it was time for a radio bumper . . . oh no is that big foot I hear.  Bam, I am pinned, I am not getting back up.  Not this week anyway.  I made the mistake of going to our good friend and asking for a video to MP3 conversion download.  I picked one, and then I clicked the big green button on the popup.  Wam, the door to my world has shut tight.  No more computing for me, that’s all she wrote.  I am so devastated that I can’t even log on with another computer because I can’t remember passwords that I had all setup for auto logins; not even a tweet can be heard from me right now.  So I called in the experts . . . the two eighteen year old humans that hang out in the basement.  Surely they can slay the bigfooted beast.  Hours go by, round after round of effort to revive the computer, but it is of no use.  Ugh!  Perhaps next week will be better my friends.

As they say in radio, stay tuned.


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