Week Three Summary!

This week I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the work and how to navigate the systems required for the assignments.  This week is entitled “Writing and Raving”; I find the writing to be a little easier than the creating.

This week I read some horror, watched a horror film and wrote a review.  I read Tales from the Crypt and watched a horror movie entitled, Certain Shadows on the Wall.  http://deathbyds106.com/thoughts-and-ideas/rave-reviews/  Not sure I am qualified to be much of a critic but I did enjoy both of these assignments.  It was helpful to read the Tales from the Crypt which was introduced by a host character given that I also had to create a host character to be used by me later.

For my host character I used a cartoon character like the Old Witch from the Tales from the Crypt cartoon strip.  I found a software program online, Bitstrips, which allowed you to create a cartoon character.  I have seen people use these on Facebook to make a likeness of themselves but did not know what it was or how to do it until I went looking for this assignment.  The assignment urged us to think about how we would use the character we create as the host for our stories.  I decided to make my host character a fortune teller so that the stories I tell can be stories that unfold when she looks into her crystal ball.  I enjoyed making Esmerelda on Bitstrips but I know it is a crude version of what could be if I were more skilled with the technology.  The part I found most frustrating was not being able to dress her in something that looks more gypsy fortune teller style.  I think it can be done and I hope to find a way as I being to use her for my story telling over the coming weeks.  http://deathbyds106.com/storytelling/meet-esmerelda/

This week we were asked to watch a youtube clip, Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories.  It was extremely comical and did provide insight into story telling.  He used the example of the story Cinderella and the correlation with my own story about Elizabeth which I wrote about last week was so clear to me.  Everything about the storyline for these two stories is the same except the ending.  Since my story was written as a horror story it did not have the happy ending that Cinderella has.  I felt good about how my storyline could be seen in what Mr. Vonnegut described.  http://deathbyds106.com/storytelling/elizabeths-story/

This week’s writing assignments asked us to pick from the assignment bank.  I chose three that were interesting to me.  The first asked the question of what we would want to happen to our digital presence when we have passed.  I entitled mine, Smile and Hit Delete http://deathbyds106.com/uncategorized/data-of-the-dead/  I do not want my thoughts, words, and images to live forever in a space that I can no longer participate in.  The second was to write a diary in the form of a character, I chose Cruella Devil.  http://deathbyds106.com/assignments/writing/dear-diary/ Her way of addressing others with phrases like , “my darling or those beasts” make her diary entries easy to identify as being from her.  The third and final assignment for the week was to write about a place we might chose to live, real or imagined.  I thought about it in terms of when I am retired and no longer tied to a location for the purpose of earning my income.  And I picked a place that would be near a beach and have enough room for family and friends to come visit.  That’s what life is for!  http://deathbyds106.com/assignments/writing/sea-sun-and-sand/

As for the daily creates this week they were all about Tweeting.  My contributions included a tweet to cheer up Kelsey, whose computer crashed; a story about an Ocean at the back of my yard; and a movie title with one letter changed with a picture to display the meaning for the newly titled film.  Mine are likely not the most original tweets, but I am feeling less stress in accomplishing the required assignments.  I’m taking the advice I gave to Kelsey!



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