Radio Show Progress Report

This week I joined a team for the radio show project.  Our team has come together nicely.  Scott created a googledocs for notes and the entire project took shape quickly with everyone making valuable contributions.  Felicia added the instructions for the project which detailed what should be included.  Ellen added an outline for mapping out the contents and time for the show.  Gussie and the rest of the team included descriptions of their host characters and included links to their radio bumpers so that we could start thinking about how we would use them in the show.  This was all done prior to meeting on campus for a two hour planning session.  This went very well and it was nice to meet the team in person.

Our show will be The Edward Creeper Show and the host will be played by Scott in his host character of Edward Creeper.  He will interview two movie critics who will provide insight into what they find good and what they find bad about a few particular films.  The two critics will be played by Felicia and myself (Ellen) and Felicia will give the good stuff review and Ellen will give the bad stuff review.  To keep it interesting the movie critics will bring the leading actor from a currently released horror movie.  The Red Reaper, played by Gussie/Rebecca, who will of course, add his two cents in about the films being reviewed.  To develop this format we used the metaphor of good, bad and ugly . . . Felicia will provide the good news, Ellen will give the bad news, and the Red Reaper will just be ugly about everything.

There is a lot of work to be done; but everyone was positive and willing to carry a fair share of the load.  I would like to extend a special thank you to Gussie for offering to put everything together in the end; that is going to be a big job.  We will each record our own parts for the show using Audacity and then we will send the recordings to Gussie. If she needs us to make revisions she will send it back with instructions . . . hoping this all goes as planned, but our teammates seem flexible and willing to get this done, so I am feeling really good about it.

Scott will record a show bumper along with his show introduction and interview segments.  Felicia will record a station bumper and her critique interview segments and a commercial featuring her host character.  Ellen and Gussie will also record commercials featuring their host characters and their parts of interview segment.   We got a lot done in this fist week.

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