Love from beyond the grave

from the grave

Elizabeth was a happy child and a daddy’s girl. Her father was a botanist who spent many hours outside reading. When Elizabeth was only 11 years old her father died and her mother, who was so distraught at losing him, became an alcoholic. She began to pay little attention to Elizabeth. Elizabeth spent many hours alone in the attic among her father’s belongs just so she could feel close to him. When she was eighteen she was in an old bookstore where she came upon a book written in a bizarre language. The storekeeper told Elizabeth that the book had a rich history connected to witchcraft and that it was apparently a book of spells. Elizabeth remembered seeing a book with the same kind of writing in her attic. She bought the book from the storekeeper and took it home. Elizabeth began rummaging around in the attic until she found the old book stored among her fathers belongings. The book turned out to be a translation guide that enabled Elizabeth to understand what was written in the book of spells. She spent months reading the spells with the help of the translation guide. One day Elizabeth found a spell that said it would join those of the mortal world with those of the grave. Could it be that this spell might bring Elizabeth’s father back from the dead? Elizabeth was afraid, but she missed her father so much, and her mother while living, was lost to Elizabeth too. Bringing her father back might help bring her mother back as well.

Elizabeth followed all the steps required in the spell exactly. She waited until midnight, wore a white dress, and went to the grave of her father. She erected a makeshift cross out of logs and drove it into the ground at the gravesite. She stood directly over her father’s buried remains, and she read the words of the spell. The spell seemed to be working. Elizabeth felt the ground under her feet begin to loosen. Out of the grave rose an arm, Elizabeth was filled with excitement. Her father was actually coming back to life. They would be joined just as the spell had promised. Elizabeth bent over to help pull her father from the grave and his hand clamped around her throat and before she could even scream he began pulling her down into the grave with him. The spell had worked, it did join Elizabeth from the mortal world with her father in the grave.


I wrote this story for my first Assignment from the Assignment Bank.  I chose this writing assignment because it was simple to do from a technology standpoint; which is where I am challenged the most.  The trick was finding a picture that inspired a story.  I chose this grave site photo since it was in keeping with the horror theme for this blog.

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