Smile and hit delete

In the creation of the virtual world have we created an eternal exists for ourselves?  We put our thoughts, pictures, and comments out there for the world to see . . . but, do we want them to be seen forever?

My mother-in-law passed away five years ago.  Today she still has a facebook page.  It is entitled In Memorium of Mildred.  For the longest time it still came up with her picture, it now uses a smiley face, which I am glad about.  She was know for this symbol and it truly represents her personality.smiley-face-1-4-15This writing assignment poses the question and wants us to document what our wishes are related to our digital presence.  Should that presence be taken down, passed on to someone, or deleted when we are buried?  This is an intriguing question.  Will my mother-in-laws facebook page continue to exist  even after her children have passed away?  This is apparently a closed group page where family continue to post photos and stories that other family would be interested in.  I don’t know how that works, but I did find it a little unsettling at first.  How will this work will future generations inherit the burden of maintaining data on behalf of those departed family members?  Will they want that burden?  Perhaps this assignment is right, we should start including in our will and testament what should become of our digital data.  Physical photo albums have definitely been something that got passed down.  The digital ones should too.  But I do not believe they should continue to exist in the current online account under the name of the author who created it.  This seems like impersonating a dead person.  Instead it should actually be passed down, or moved to the site of the remaining heir.  That is my wish, that upon my death, all virtual data created or posted by me be put into a download and sent to my three children, as my living heirs.  Upon this download all accounts or online presence I ever created should be deleted.  My children can do with the data as they wish, just as they would have done with papers and photo’s I left behind in a box.  Throw it out or preserve it as they chose.

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