Turning it Up

This week we are continuing with video and incorporating our audio as well and utilizing our host character.  I started out the week reading the unit on making movies.  I watched the film clip by Ken Burns where he discusses the intent for manipulation in storytelling.  I was extremely moved by the sharing of his story about his mother and the realization that we are all trying to avoid the wolf at the door.  This is all too real for me since my father passed away just this past labor day weekend and now my mother is ailing too.  Storytelling is such an emotional journey.  I poked around but did not find any information about movie credits and more complex audio and write ups; but I think I am doing okay.  I am a novice and do not intend on doing anything too complex.  In fact, since my computer was infected by a virus when I was downloading something for this course I lost everything.  I am therefore not willing to attempt another download so I am using very basic tools that I have at my disposal already.


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