Second Tutorial Idea

Making a comic strip using an online software can be fun, but challenging.  I made one using  Here’s how I did it:

Choose create strip, select the number of panels layout, then using the tabs across the top of the screen to chose a scene first.  I selected a three panel strip and inserted a bedroom scene, a campground scene, and a swimming pool scene.  Then select a character.  I just used a stickman figure for this strip.  Place him in each scene one at a time and use the options to position his arms, make him sit, etc.  Then at the bottom of the strip there are options you can use.  My favorite is the “layer up and down” options.  With this option I can “layer down” my stick figure character in the swimming pool scene so that it appears like he is in the water.  Half of his body will be under the water and half above the water.  This was a very basic strip but you can add text, insert additional props, and explore other features.  Have fun!

Comic Assignment Idea

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