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This weeks posts will be focused on writing and raving about things read.


The first thing I did this week was read a horror comic, Last Respects from Tales from the Crypt #3 and I left a comment on the site.  The fictional horror story seems to be effective at startling its reader and the ending may even induce stronger feelings such as repulsion.  It takes a situation that could be real and then leaves a sense of disgust while also leaving the reader to question, what would I do in that situation?  The comic offered a great example of a host character, The Old Witch, pictured above.  I will be creating a host character of my own this week, so it was nice to see an example.

I addition to reading, I watched a horror movie on youtube, from the Night Gallery: Certain Shadows on the Wall. The movie offered a metaphor for real live along with a supernatural event that was intended to startle the viewer.  The metaphor was how a family member who claims to love and care for his sister actually had ulterior motives to harm her for the inheritance.  The human character traits of greed and selfishness were dealt with by haunting the survivor with a constant shadow of his dearly departed sister on the wall.  The culprits ultimate demise was played off as an accident, but was it really?  He was sentenced to spend eternity as a shadow on the wall beside his sister.  The morale to the story that selfishness and greed do pay.  While I did not find the film to be scary or gory as some horror films can be, I enjoyed the film.  It did story plot brought me to ponder the metaphor and message.


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