Project Ideas

I should leave this a blank page . . . because that would sum up my project ideas.  I hope it will all come together this weekend.

My host character Esmerelda the fortune teller was made in the image of a comic character.  I take a class at the UMW Stafford campus on Thursday nights where I saw a sign for a software available in their library for making comics.  Great I thought . . . so I went in yesterday and took a look.  Nope not gonna help.  This software is simply for colorful posters or something.  Oh well onward I go; wandering around in the dark!

2 thoughts on “Project Ideas”

    1. Thanks Gabi – I took you advise and looked back at the work already done and that did the trick. I spent a lot of time trying to find some kind of software that would do something different but that was a waste of time since it was too time consuming to learn. So I’m just gonna use the software I have already taught myself to use and call it a day. Good luck.

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