Professional Ethics

Every profession has a set of ethical standards, or cannons, which it strives to follow in order to be a worthy endeavor.  Even the profession of creative design, where the ideal of design is to think outside of the box of ordinary thinking or standard expectations.  In the Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli, it says “Design without discipline is anarchy.”  “Discipline is also an attitude that provides us with the capacity of controlling intent throughout rather than fragmentation.”   So if it is your intent to be shocking, then be shocking, but do it in an organized fashion and not as a haphazard manner.

Even though Mr. Vignelli did most of his work in a pre-internet era, his view on creating design products that are effective seem to hold true.  Think about simple online etiquette like not using all caps because it implies you are yelling.  His insight into the use of only a few fonts and allowing for enough white space can certainly be pertinent ideas for the noisy internet space.

Mr. Vignelli is obviously passionate about design.  His booklet seems like a valuable tool to anyone who is seriously considering a design profession.  He gives you insight in a no nonsense delivery that provides you with tools and techniques you can use.  He takes away any mystery about how design happens and leaves you with the a practical skills how to manual.

Well done Mr. Vignelli!



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