Phobia Movie Response

For this post I watched three old movies which used evil dolls to depict a horror story.  As instructed, I am providing my review of these films.

I love the old Twilight Zone movies.  The use of black and white film, the music and the narrator are epoch and make a great impact on the movies.  The one I watched for this review was Living Doll.  The Talky Tina doll is effective with her movement and voice for the era the movie was portrayed in.  The dying scene at the end was not effective but the closing with music and narration was good as always for these films.

The  Night Gallery movie entitled The Doll was in color but the version I watched was not very good quality and the lighting was poor.  Again, I felt the use of the narration and music was effective.  The actresses attempt to rationalize with herself to not be scared of the doll was good.  The doll itself was not displayed much in the film and just appeared to be an old and dirty doll that didn’t do anything scary. The storyline intended to build up why the doll was scary seemed to drag on too long.  Finally, the doll of the uncle at the end made me chuckle.  I am certain this movie was much more horrifying when it was originally released and played in a better quality.

The final movie I viewed was, Amelia from the Trilogy of Terror, which was in color and set in a more recent decade, 60’s or 70’s maybe.  The color quality and lighting of the version I watched was good.  The music in this movie did not portray terror, it just didn’t seem to work for me.  The doll itself was scary looking and the sounds it made worked well too.  The actresses phone call to her mother was just annoying.  Also, when the actress was trying to appear injured from the doll, the way she moved and held her head was just strange.  This was one of those horror stories where you felt compelled to yell at the screen; “no don’t grab at the knife”, “why are you opening the case?”  So that added some fun factor.  The ending was good and the actress looked evil.  Poor mother!

As for phobia’s, I do not have a fear of dolls (pediophobia), but I definitely have arachnophobia (I do not like spiders and such).  I know phobia’s are real and not something to be made fun of, but the one I truly do not understand is barophobia (fear of gravity).  I wonder if it is the same thing as a fear of falling?  Now that one I understand.

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