Final Project Idea

I spent all day yesterday trying to find some software that would allow me to create an awesome comic strip for the final project.  It was a big waste of time.  I spent all day signing up to use software that I could not figure out how to navigate only to have my mailbox fill up with marketing mail from the sites.  Ugh!

My host character was originally thought of in the form of a comic cartoon character, but I have also used another image for her so I don’t have to stick with the comic idea.  So then at the end of my rope I took the advise of Gabi and looked back at what I have already done.  I was inspired . . . so here’s the story idea. My host character, Esmerelda is a fortune teller . . . so it hits the news that Steven Spielberg visits a fortune teller and an undercover camera catches the crystal ball images that are revealed to him.  Below is a news magazine cover that I found and edited as my first element for the project.

Magazine Cover Edit

Once I Googled Steven Spielberg and found this image the story unfolded in my thoughts and I was able to write the story I would tell for the assignment.  The hook is he is seeking a crystal ball reading because he is afraid of his TV and he wants the fortune teller to help him understand why.  The irony is that Steven Spielberg, as most of you know, is a writer and director of many films and is well known for his horror stories.  For him to be afraid of the TV would be big news.  As Steven and Esmerelda (the fortune teller) look into the crystal ball the first images they see are horrifying sights and each time they look again it gets better until they are seeing cartoon characters dancing and singing in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  These are all images from Steven Spielberg movies . . . the images that fill his thoughts, of course.

Here’s the run down of the movie images they see each time they look:

The Ring – a movie about how watching TV can kill you.

Poltergeist – a family haunted by super natural demons who use the TV to communicate with the small child in the house.

No wonder he is afraid of his TV!

JAWS – a man eating shark attacks people enjoying a sunny day at the beach.

Indiana Jones – no where near the beach and sharks but a man is being chased down by a giant boulder.

Fievel Goes West – a cartoon movie of a mouse traveling.  Better but he is still met with turmoil along his journey.

We’re Back – a cartoon movie with dinosaurs dancing and singing in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Success!  Steven Spielberg is now seeing only non-threatening, happy cartoon characters.  But wait, does that mean Steven Spielberg will never create another horror story?  Is this the end of a legend as we know him?  Esmerelda, what have you done!

I do like this idea.  Picking a fortune teller for my host character has proven to be a good idea.  I did give some real thought to how I would use a host character to introduce stories.  The concept of looking into the crystal ball and seeing the story unfold there seemed like something that would work.

Once I had the story idea it came together quickly because it was building on things I had already done.  We had already used horror films as a review for our radio project.  Luckily I kept good notes on the sources used for that in our shared Googledoc; so I just went back to that data and got links to the movie clips which were Steven Spielberg films.  That is where it all began to fall into place.   I am hoping to spend time with my family next weekend so the more I can accomplish this weekend the better.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day everyone!

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