Words of Wisdom

Reflecting back on my own trials in this class I will leave you with three parting suggestions that might have made things go a little smoother for me.

  1. I wish I had made myself a cheat sheet for the simple things I kept forgetting.  It would include the following:
    • Post the weekly work into Canvas.  I would finish the weekly blog with a sigh of relief that it was done, close my computer and walk away.  Only to realize later that I never posted the blog link into Canvas.  Ugh!
    • Post video from Flickr not directly from your own computer.  I would spend hours trying to upload video from my computer into the blog with no success and plenty of frustration.  Then I would finally have an ah ha moment and upload it to Flickr then post it into the blog from there and success was mine.
  2. For the Group Project, share all of your work with all of the group members. This will allow group members to step in and help in the end if someone can’t do their part.  Otherwise you are scrambling around in a panic trying to get all the data from everyone.
  3. Beware of Downloads.  If you aren’t a strong computer person get someone to download software applications for you.  Otherwise if you blindly click, like I did, you may get a virus that wipes your computer out!  Ugh!

Well that’s it.  Good Luck!