Storytelling on the web

The story of how Slender Man was created seems to me like a new means of storytelling.  The free form, high level of collaboration on the character and his image doesn’t seem like the “standard” method for an author and an illustrator who each create their work either alone or with true interaction with one or two collaborators.  The original “creator” of the web based story and character seem to have no control over what collaborative influences he/she will allow to be incorporated into his/her creation.  Additionally, the author/illustrator anonymity seems to absolute so that the publisher/webhost has no understanding of the motives of the creator(s).  Does this matter?  Is this creative process a more fulfilling and rewarding process?  It appears the webhost where the Slender Man was born does make some attempt at having an ethical participation who must follow the rules or suffer exile, so perhaps the participates motives are not that important as long as the webhost is preventing inappropriate dissemination of materials.  Also, the “standard” method for storytelling limits the number of people who can have any meaningful participation in this kind of process.  The open and anonymous forum does breakthrough those barriers.

I am new to this web 2.0 storytelling so I truly do not know if I understand it well enough to render an informed opinion, but it is interesting to ponder.

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