Radio Show Update

Last week went great our group formed, met, created a googledocs, shared ideas, agreed on a show format and assigned roles.  All was good with the world of DS106 team assignment.

We started out strong and then ran into a speed bump.  Everyone recorded their individual show content, shared the scripts on googledocs, and submitted the work to the one team member that offered to put it all together.  Unfortunately because life happens that team member ran into a problem and was unable to finish the work.  She did compile a Radio Show Draft  with about half the show content and put it up for comment and feedback but then competing priorities surfaced and the lifeline was tossed.  The problem is it was late The morning before the project was due when this happened.  I got the lifeline call and had to answer it.

One big problem was immediately obvious, I didn’t have access to anyone’s recorded audio but my own.  We didn’t put that on the googledocs; we all submitted it to the one team member directly.  Since she was not able to send it to me for a while and still had to send her own content to me I emailed and telephoned the other team members asking them to send me there audio clips ASAP.  They did respond promptly and I began work, but lesson learned for the entire group . . . When doing a group assignment share everything with everyone.

So I began working under the gun – oh the horror.  I actually think this was a nice distraction from dealing with my ailing mother currently in Georgetown Hospital.  I felt a little overwhelmed feeling like I had no idea what I was doing but this passed shortly after digging into it.  I used Audacity audio software and was able to copy and paste the audio together.  Luckily our group did a great job in the planning process and so each team members audio was laid out the same making it easy to navigate.  Also, everyone did their fair share of content creation work and so no background music or effects editing was required by me at this point.  The finished project was done about mid-night the day before it was due and met all the assignment criteria.  Checking this off the list and moving on now!!!

That’s how we roll in DS106.

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