Spielberg’s Secret Revealed

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                                                           November 24, 2015

Exclusive eyewitness accounts and hidden camera video reveal a secret that Steven Spielberg has kept from Hollywood and the world.   Earlier this week, Spielberg was seen entering Esmerelda’s Chamber of Truth located at 100 Cemetery Lane. Our eyewitness followed him in and has provided a detailed account of what happened.  TIME Magazine has confirmed Spielberg’s visit to the Fortune Teller. According to our eyewitness, Spielberg was there seeking a crystal ball reading from Esmerelda, the Fortune Teller.  He requested the crystal ball reading to help him cope with a fear that has been haunting him for years.  If you dare to uncover the truth of his secret for yourself, you can read the eyewitness account and see video of the actual crystal ball images seen by Steven Spielberg and captured on hidden camera footage.  WARNING:  VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES.

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