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ELLEN WINDLEY                                                                                       November 24, 2015

Steven Spielberg requested a crystal ball reading to help him cope with a secret fear that has been haunting him for years. Here is an eyewitness account and video of the actual crystal ball images seen by Steven Spielberg and captured on hidden camera footage.

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg


Esmerelda:  Welcome Steven, I’ve been expecting you. 

Spielberg:  Esmerelda, please you have to help me!  Every time I attempt to turn on my TV or watch a movie I am stricken with fear that I can not overcome.  Can you help me figure out why I have this fear and if it will ever go away?

Esmerelda:  Yes Steven, we can look into my crystal ball to uncover the truths that reside deep within you.  But heed my warning, the anguish will be yours to bare.  Now please sit, take a deep breath and relax.  Look into the crystal ball and let’s see what it reveals to us about your fears.


Spielberg:  Esmerelda, I told you of my fears why would you show me such horrifying images?  I do not understand!

Esmerelda:  Steven, I do not bring these images . . . . this darkness already resides within you.

     Let us look beyond these images for something good.  Please once again take a deep breath and relax.  Look into the crystal ball and think about being at home with your family.


Esmerelda:  I am sorry Steven.  I have never seen such darkness in one man.  The television is something that truly haunts you.  We must find something within you that is happy and good.  Look once more into the crystal ball and try to imagine that you are at the beach, where there are no televisions, you are simply enjoying a day filled with sunshine.


Esmerelda:  Well, this is very serious.  Please we must keep digging deep within you until something good can be seen.  Perhaps if you imagine that you are in a desert, far from any shark filled waters.


Esmerelda:  Steven please!  I fear you are not trying.  When I said imagine the desert I meant someplace with dusty dirt, not a cave with falling rock and daggers.  Try again; but this time without the giant boulder chasing you.  You must think happy thoughts only.

No Boulders

Esmerelda:  Well that’s better . . . I knew we could find the good within you.  Let’s try it one more time to be sure.  The Thanksgiving Day parade is happening in a few days.  Look one last time into the crystal ball and try to imagine you are at the parade watching the floats and balloons pass by.


Spielberg:  Esmerelda, thank you!  You have helped me overcome the dark images that haunted my thoughts.  

Esmerelda:  You are welcome Steven.  Now you may go forward and share your happy images with the world.

What’s next . . . will Steven Spielberg now share only happy images with the world?  Has Hollywood lost its’ greatest creator of horror films?   Will Esmerelda become the Fortune Teller to the stars?  To explore these questions TIME Magazine will publish future articles featuring interviews with some of Hollywood’s top movie producers and an expert psychologist on phobias.

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