Week Fifteen Summary

Well it has been an interesting endeavor to say the least.  After frustrating myself trying to learn how to do something new, I took the advise of a fellow classmate who commented that I should look back at what I had already done and build from there.  That was very helpful and my story idea developed quickly.  I found a TIME Magazine cover and edited it for my story idea as an exclusive expose.

Creating the project was something else.  I first started by downloading and editing movie trailers, then I wrote a script, then I had my family play the parts of a news report and I filmed them.  I added my family film to the movie clips and created a news report.  This was very similar to the audio radio show project but was a video version.  I had my host character Esmerelda, the fortune teller talking with Steven Spielberg during a crystal ball reading where she introduced the movie trailers one at a time.  The movie trailers were Spielberg’s thoughts which were seen in the crystal ball reading.  The audio of Esmerelda and Steven Spielberg was not good; so I muted the sound on the original film clips and had my family record their script parts in audio only which I added to the film clips.  But I hated it.  It seemed uninventive and kind of boring to watch the whole things.  So I started over.

I decided that since I was using the TIME Magazine cover for my inspiration that I would write a magazine article rather than a video news report.  In order to use the video images I crafted it as an online magazine article/report.  This allowed me to combine a written article with embedded video clips.  I was also able to use the magazine cover as an opening page with an intro and a “read more” link which takes you to the blog post with the article itself.  I was much happier with the outcome of this version of the project.

I was really happy with the design editing features I found right here in the blog for my written content.  I used the Blockquote feature to make the magazine article introduction and closing which set it apart from the article content and gave it an appearance that looked like a magazine article heading.  I used simple bold and italics for the article content itself and embedded the video into the article.   My host character did not introduce and close the article but she did open and close the crystal ball reading session.  The article was introduced by the magazine author, which I used my name for.  The entire story is considered an exclusive expose article that is told by the articles author based on an eyewitness account of the events and hidden camera video which the eyewitness was able to record of the crystal ball images.  I edited the movie trailer clips even more than what I used in the video project.  Then I found a crystal ball video which I added to the front of the movie clips and used some video editing to shatter the image as it transitioned to from the crystal ball to the video images.  After I finished I had two blog posts.  One for the magazine cover introduction and one for the article with video clips.  When I was done I selected an option under the publish tab to have the magazine cover blog post be the first post in the site and when I viewed it there was a “feature” tag at the top.  This looked like it was intended to show the magazine cover as a “feature story”.  I think this version of the project turned out very good.  Also I feel like there is likely to be a lot of video storytelling for this project so going with an old school written project with some video incorporated will be a little different.  Hopefully you like it.

My project includes writing, design work, still photography, and video.  I wrote the story/article, designed the still photography magazine cover, added still photography images of Steven Spielberg and Esmerelda, and edited the video clips.  There is audio in the video clips, but I did not record this audio nor edit it.  I am happy with the final project.  I think it is a neat and tidy presentation of a story . . . discovering what Steven Spielberg fears, and it is a good use of my host character.

In other news . . . besides the project this week I also posted my assignment ideas and tutorials.  Better late than never!  And that’s a wrap!



Week 13 Summary

Well so far I see four people have posted ideas for their Final Projects.  So I gave them each a shout out but since they seem to know what they want to do for their project I didn’t have any advice for them.

I have been struggling this week to figure out what to do.  Here’s my Idea Post.  I think I might go back to the library and see what other software options they have.  I will be sending the rest of tonight looking at the assignment bank for inspiration.

Good luck everyone!

Week 11 Summary

This week we continued with our video creations. I started the week by reading and watching film clips about movie making.  This week we were required to do video assignments and use our host character in some way in many of them.  One of the assignments in the assignment bank was to take an audio you had already made and put a video with it.  For this assignment I took a commercial I had previously made for the radio show which was advertising my host character, Esmerelda the Fortune Teller.  I added still pictures which I made on bitstrips.com which told a story that went along with the audio and then converted it in a movie.  My Esmerelda Fortune Teller Commercial turned out pretty good.

Another assignment where I was able to incorporate my host character was to make a short DIY Commercial.  I used this assignment to explain how I created Esmerelda on bitstrips.com and you can do it too!

For my final host character assignment this week I created a Special Person Montage video and added the host character at the beginning to introduce the video.  My special person is my grandson, Patrick.  He is the only grandchild I have so far so he is the ruler of my universe.

The last assignment I did was a requirement for everyone in the course; I did not use my host character in this assignment.  The assignment was to make a Mini Documentary.  I made a video of my daughter’s boyfriend in my basement laundry room.  Kyle is a music major in college and he help me out with this assignment.

And last but not least I created the Daily Creates required for this week.  I love the cracked sidewalk art the most!







Week 10 Summary

This week is videodrome and we had two choices this week, we could work together as a group again and create a video or do work from the video assignment bank.  I chose to do work from the assignment bank because the time commitment for working in a group is problematic for me right now.

We started out by learning how to do an analysis of cineamatic camera work for film by reading and viewing videos done by others.  Then we were tasked with applying what we learned by making our own video essay for one scene from a movie of our choice.  I chose the escape scene from the movie Shawshake Redemption.  This scene is shot in a small space and is one where the actor is seeking answers he is convinced the others have.  The scene ends with the climatic discovery by the characters which provides the answers being sought.  The camera shot used to capture this moment was great and was easy to identify for purposes of the video essay.

For my assignment work this week I did two videos.  One which I love how it turned out was a highlights reel for one of my favorite professional athletes.  I used highlight clips and put them together in this “highlight reel” and then incorporated music which I think turned out perfect.  For the second video I had to use my host character in some way so I created a 30 second documentary.  The documentary tells the story of how parents worry about their children.  Because of our theme the story is a bit over dramatic and creepy but it is a cartoon so hopefully it is not taken too seriously.  The clip was supposed to be done with image only so no dialogue.  I did include a tag line on each of the clips and added some background sound.  This turned out very good, even though the story is a little over dramatic.  I also did the daily create assignments this week:


Week 9 Summary

This week was when we got the chance to listen to our radio shows!  I listened to mine and then the Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour.  I wrote several tweets during the show and wrote a reflection on it later.

We also were tasked to do several assignments from the assignment bank which incorporated host characters.  I did all visual assignments which included the following:

A historical photo which included a host character in attendance much the way Forest Gump kept popping up in historically significant events.   To create this assignment I simply found a photo of Honest Abe giving the Gettysburg Address and used Microsoft Paint to add Red Reaper into the audience.

A camp poster for Esmerelda’s Fortune Telling.  Esmerelda is my own host character and I had used Mobilefish.com to make a radio show promotional poster previously so I simply used this application again to make this camp poster.

The best assignment I completed this week was a Buck List assignment.  This one asked you to put four photo’s of something you wanted to do into a collage and then insert text explaining.  The assignment directed you to befunky.com where it was extremely easy to upload photo’s into a collage.  In order to feature our host characters I used the promotional posters created by my radio show group members to show that I would like to see Felicia’s clown show, listen to Scott’s Edward Creepy radio show, watch Gussie’s Red Reaper Movie (the Society), and have my fortune read by Esmerelda (my own host character).  While I did not collaborate with my team members on the creation of this collage . . . we did all collaborate to make these individual items that I used.

I also managed to do all three Daily Creates this week:

And now I have told you what I did this week . . . so on to Week #10!  See you there ~ if you dare!

Week 8 Summary

This week was a group project week.  I am a member of Group 4 along with Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, and Rebecca Reverco (Gussie).  We took our group radio show name from Scott’s host character Edward Creepy.  We made Edward Creepy the host of the radio show.  For the show Edward interviews two movie critics who bring the star of a newly released movie, the Red Reaper (who is Gussie’s host character).  Ellen and Felicia were the movie critics and simply used their own names.  To incorporate the host character for Ellen and Felicia we each made a commercial related to their host character.  Ellen’s host is a fortune teller and her advertisement was for fortune telling services.  Felicia’s is a scary clown and her commercial was for a clown show.

The show format was for Edward Creepy to interview Ellen and Felicia about a variety of horror movies.  Felicia gave the insight into what was good about the films and Ellen gave the bad.  Then there was the Red Reaper who gave what we consider the ugly comments.  We were able to include a number of commercials and radio bumpers that the team members had made over the course of the two weeks.  I am very pleased by the end project we produced.

The Edward Creepy Show on DS106 Radio

Scott did a great job as the radio show host.  I think he could have a career here.  The show highlighted the theme or trailer from each of the movies being critiqued.  Between those and the commercials and radio bumpers there was plenty of music and sound effects featured.  I hope everyone likes it.

Here are the commercials I submitted:

Show Poster

I have to give partial credit to Felicia for this last one; it was her idea and she provided the content and I recorded the audio.

This is the radio bumper I created:

Foggy DS106

I also have to give credit to Free Sound for the free downloads with sound and music I which are detailed in last weeks blog.

Unfortunately I did not get to comment on anyone’s work this week.  But I am very excited to hear the final projects.

I did do two of the Daily Creates:

Bad Habits in a Good Way

Luckiest Day

It was a challenging week as they all seem to be this semester.  Ok now rest and ready for week 9.



Week 7 Summary

I love my radio show team!  I hope we don’t bust here at the end but the team is really doing well figuring out the format for the show and putting together all the pieces.

This week has been dedicated to creating audio assignments in preparation of the radio show that will be due next week.  I am pleased with most of what I did this week.

I created a promotional poster featuring my host character who is a fortune teller, Esmerelda, who tells people to listen to DS106 radio.  This was an easy assignment and I love how it turned out.

I also created an audio assignment that was supposed to be a good morning message to the Village.  I prepared mine as a morning weather report aired on the radio station.  I love how this one turned out and submitted it to the team for using in the show.

I also did an audio assignment entitled spooky dialoug and so I created a commercial for our show using my host character in an advertisement for her fortune telling services.  This was the best project I did this week.

My last audio assignment, all of which were done on Audacity, was a 911 emergency call which I also tried to tie to the show but I am not happy with how this one turned out and so it will not be used for the show.  The post will explain my issues with this assignment.

My comments on others work for this week included:

Tori Lear

The Headreaper (my radio show teammate)


Mikes Spooky



Week 6 Summary

Where to begin.  I am no design expert and I am running out of time so I am just going to lay it out for you quickly . . . here you go:

Design Blitz was fun and easy to do . . . I always appreciate that!

The Perfect Love Story is one I got to sit in the front row for.  It is based on the true story of my daughter and son-in-law.  Nothing like young love.  Hope it lasts forever!

The Vignelli Cannon was a perfect guide for the novice designer.

I watched Black Sabbath Trilogy and wrote my review of each film.  This was the most relaxing assignment I have had so far.

The assignments; well what can I say.  I love the ones I created . . . who knew? There is my favorite of Professor Groom in a movie poster and there were two GIF’s.  I surprised myself that I could do this.  The first one was Stickman on post it notes turned into a GIF using a simple online application.  Since I got to know how to use that software and we were allowed to do two of them this week I did another.  Not really in keeping with our theme or the season but I felt like one good GIF deserves another; so here is my Christmas Card!

Last but not least are the Daily Creates.  I only got two in this week because of my issues with twitter.  Once my computer crashed I could not figure out my twitter password and it took forever to get it reset . . . #I’mOld!  I did finally get it done and here’s what I tweeted:  Guess what they aren’t showing . . . Ugh.  I did do two!

Better Luck Next Week I Guess. . . stay tuned.


Summary for Week 5

Things started out as usual . . . then they got a little hairy.  Like bigfoot jumped out of the woods and leaped on top of me pinning me down so that I could not move anymore.  Okay, a little dramatic, but so has this week been.

I began with reading, listening, and contemplating audio and its impact on storytelling.  No problem here.

I even did a daily create that was fun . . . featuring Abbey Road.


I thought about a radio show and how we might want to host a 20 – 30 minute segment.  Still okay.

Now it was time for a radio bumper . . . oh no is that big foot I hear.  Bam, I am pinned, I am not getting back up.  Not this week anyway.  I made the mistake of going to our good friend google.com and asking for a video to MP3 conversion download.  I picked one, and then I clicked the big green button on the popup.  Wam, the door to my world has shut tight.  No more computing for me, that’s all she wrote.  I am so devastated that I can’t even log on with another computer because I can’t remember passwords that I had all setup for auto logins; not even a tweet can be heard from me right now.  So I called in the experts . . . the two eighteen year old humans that hang out in the basement.  Surely they can slay the bigfooted beast.  Hours go by, round after round of effort to revive the computer, but it is of no use.  Ugh!  Perhaps next week will be better my friends.

As they say in radio, stay tuned.


Summary Week 4

This week was very fast and furious for me.  I was dealing with the loss of a family member who is near and dear to my heart.  However, I did manage to get all the work done.  Not sure I can articulate what I did very well but here’s what happened, as I remember it.

This week was all about visual storytelling.  I started by telling you all about my lack of photography experience and all about my faceless family photos.  I got a chance to watch the 1939 film the Bride of Frankenstein and write my reflection on their use of  cinematography techniques.

Things got a little scary when I had to post a paranormal image.  For lack of much imagination I used a photo of a shadow on the wall and told you a story of encountering it at a remote campground.

For the weekly visual assignments I was able to create a food collage by placing images into paint, I took a photo with my phone and move a few things and took it again for a finding differences photo, I created my own farm animals using paint to crop and place animal parts on top of another animal, then I got to really have fun by finding three photos to tell a  love story.

Since I was late to the work this week I had to do my daily creates on the last three days.  I did manage to post a dumb doodle sketch, create an old photo, and send a bon voyage video to Jim Groom.

Then there was the 20 minute photoblitz.  This assignment was actually a lot of fun.  I took the pictures with my cell phone and sent them to myself in an email.  I then saved them as jpeg images in my picture folder.  One of the photos I was required to take was a picture through something to get a picture of something else.  I took this picture through my curio cabinet and got a picture of a Hello Kitty pillow on the other side.  What was funny about this one was when I was working with posting it to my blog I was flipping this image to ensure it was upright; for this image it kept appearing to be upside down.  I finally opened it and realized that due to the glass and mirrors in the curio cabinet, the image came out with a reflection of the pillow at the top.  So there was one at top and bottom of the photo.

Okay, bring on week five!