My paranormal encounter

While camping at a remote campground I wondered off through the woods along a path to the bathhouse.  It seemed like my husband and I had the entire campground to ourselves; which was great while we were enjoying the warm sunny day by the lake.  As I approached the isolated bathhouse it did not seem so great anymore.  I heard a noise like rustling of leaves on the ground; probably a small animal I told myself.  I went into the bathhouse and when I came out of the stall I was greeted by a loud growling of what most have been a large animal, but none I had ever heard before.  I looked towards the noise and saw the shadowy image of a very large creature displayed on the cinderblock wall inside the bathhouse.  A building with no windows.  But it was only the shadowy image, I did not see an actual creature.  Paralyzed by fear I stood there and stared at the shadow and he got louder and moved back and forth stomping his feet and raising his arms.  But still it was only a shadow; where was the real life creature?  He had to be in the bathhouse, but there was no place to hide; where could he be?  As I stood there he seemed to be annoyed that I wasn’t leaving and then the shadow lunged at me and I ran out.  While I was trapped there looking at the image I took this photo . . .

paranormalI showed the photo to my husband and explained that the shadow seemed to exist but there was nothing there to cast the shadow.  He told me I just spooked myself and dismissed it without any further though.  The next morning I showed the photo to the campground director who told me there have been stories about a ten foot hairy creature that haunted the campground during the winter months.  The legend says the creature is the ghost of a caveman who was a great and brutal hunter and his cave is supposed to have been located somewhere within the campground.  But he had always dismissed it as folklore; this was the first time anyone had secured an actual photo of a creature.   I can tell you this . . . I will not be going back to that campground ever again!

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