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Out of Place

Visual Assignment – Who is that and why is he in the Victoria Secret Store?  It’s all a big mystery!

I was wandering around on the Assignment Bank looking for something that I could possibly do with my limited skillset.  I spent sometime trying to figure out how to make a GIF (whatever that is) when I came across this Visual Assignment for editing a photo.  The assignment was to take a picture of a “pop star” and crop the picture and place it within another picture of a place where you would not expect to see them.  And guess what?  Someone had posted a tutorial on how to do this using Microsoft Paint.  I have Microsoft Paint and thanks to @CoutneyRode I might actually be able to do this assignment.  So I set to work following Courtney’s guide.  Since I am not familiar with who the current pop stars are, I chose the iconic Batman for my pop star.  The challenge now was finding a full length view of Batman so he could appear to be standing in the store.  I found one online that was not perfect but it got the job done.  For the location where you would likely not see Batman, I chose the pink lingerie store Victoria’s Secret.  I looked for pictures on Google Images of Victoria Secret and selected the one that had the most pink to give a nice contrast to Batman’s usual black.  Guess now the secret is out, the Dark Knight where’s Pink when he’s off duty.

I am certain there are better examples of this assignment out there, but I am pleased.  With the tutorial this was a low stress assignment for me!


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