Mini Documentary

This weeks video assignments included a must do mini documentary.  My video for this features Kyle Hvisdash telling us about his favorite band of all time.  The mini documentary on The Sun City Girls is a story of an eclectic style band so to make my movie in keeping with this I used a movie maker feature to make Kyle look like a pencil character come to life.  Kyle does a great job with his audio story and his body language.  Kyle is so excited to tell us about he band that it is an interesting story.  I filmed Kyle in the laundry room in the basement of my house and used Windows Live Movie Maker for editing.  For edits I used a few album cover images for the band and I added a title and credits slide.  I also added sound clips from the band which I recorded on Audacity.  After all the edits are done you simply save the movie and that’s it.  Once again in order to get the video to load into the blog I first uploaded it to my account and then downloaded here for your viewing.  Hope you like it.  I have to admit after hearing Kyle tell his story I was interested to go listen to some of the bands music.  No my taste really but it is an interesting story about how this band traveled to India and incorporated sounds they discovered there into the music.

Mini Documentary Take 3


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