One of the assignments I did this week was to take the audio commercial I created a few weeks ago for the radio show and adding a visual element to it. This assignment allowed you to use still clips and arrange them to go along with the audio that was already created.  The trick was that the audio could not be edited.  This was a great assignment for using my host character since the audio commercial from the radio show was for Esmerelda’s fortune telling services.

Esmerelda was originally created using where you can create a comic strip using their pre-loaded scenes, characters and props to build your own comic strip scenes.  A neat feature of this site is the ability to layer up or down the characters and props you insert into the scene.  For this one I was able to put the man seeking fortune telling service outside of the door looking in by picking the scene, inserting the character and dropping him in front of the door, then I selected “layer down” and it popped him just outside the door.  To make my comic into a movie I created each comic scene and saved each image as a picture.  Because the bitstrip picture had a title bar at top and bottom of the scene I opened each image using Microsoft Paint and then used the fill bucket to make the title bars a solid black.  Then I uploaded each image into a movie strip using Windows Movie Maker and added some animation movement.  After the movie clip was arranged I added the audio clip, a title and credits page and saved the movie.  Again I uploaded the video to my account before downloading into this blog.  I think it turned out great!  Take a look.

Commercial Take 2



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