30 Second Documentary

This week is video week and we have to do an assignment that showcases our host character.  My host character, Esmerelda, was created as a cartoon fortune teller so for this assignment I created a documentary of what Esmerelda sees in her crystal ball when a man come in.  The documentary was to tell a story delivered using only visual elements (no audio) and lasting only 30 seconds.  So I used bitstrip.com to create several scenes and then pieced it together in a video using Microsoft Live Movie Maker.  It turned out to be 34.5 seconds, but I guess that’s close enough.  The story is not a happy one, but it is in keeping with the horror story theme.  It tells of the worries parents have for their children – – it is a little over dramatic and ends with a graveyard tombstone.  A true horror story to say the least.  I was able to add an effect to the video which put some gray transparent areas with what looks like floating bubbles along the edge of the screen shots; this gave the appearance that the image was being seen through the crystal ball.  I added a sound track from freesound.org of children playing at a beach.

I spent hours trying to embed my video directly into my blog post without success.  Finally I got a clue and uploaded it to my account on Flickr.com and then embedded it into the blog from there – – ta da, success was mine!  I hope you like it.

30 Second Story


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