Professor Groom Poster


As my last design project this week I have made a Movie Poster of Professor Groom!  I am proud of how this one turned out . . . It seemed so simple.  I don’t use anything fancy like photoshop; this was done using Microsoft paint.  I am getting pretty good with Microsoft paint even if it is a very limited option.  Sometimes it is all about the comfort zone.

I opened up Microsoft paint and then found a Scream Movie poster picture that was simple.  Then I cut out the headshot of Jim Groom displayed in this Assignment Bank photo. The most time consuming part was cropping Jim Groom’s headshot so that nothing white showed around it.  Then I simply placed his face over the scream guys face.  I had to do only minor touchups using the brush tool to cover up the scream characters chin with black. The scream guy has a very long face and Jim’s headshot was not covering it all up.  Paint won’t let you slightly rotate so that I could have moved Jim’s head around better, but since the background of this scream guys clothing is all black it was easy to use the brush tool to cover up what was left. Then I just labeled the poster using a textbox to insert wording.  Yeah me!

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