One good GIF deserves another!

Okay so some of you are probably marking down the days until Halloween; but I used my design time to get a jump on Christmas!  Since I was able to make a stickman post-it note GIF without too much trouble I found another GIF assignment to do.  I made the Christmas Card Gif – I took a photo of family members holding up individual letters.  I took three shots of each family member with different poses or facial expressions with my phone.   I then emailed the photos to myself and saved them into my pictures folder. I then used my good friend to find a Christmas card template and copied it into paint three times uploaded the pictures using one from each person/group and added the word “The” with a text box and then repeated this two more times adding the word “Windley” to one and “Family” to the other.  I saved the three different cards I created and then went back to the gif creator tool/site and uploaded the three sets and set the speed for the gif slightly slower.   Saved the gif into pictures folder and uploaded it to this blog.  Merry Christmas to all!


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