I made an animated GIF for you!

How I did it:


I wasn’t crazy about the design week since I am pre-internet era.  However, I was able to combine the two for this old school/new age GIF.  I drew a stickman flip book on post it notes (totally old school).  Poor little stickman learns about gravity.  Then I went new age on it . . . with my phone I took a picture of each post-it note individually, emailed them to myself and uploaded them to my pictures folder. Then I went to google.com and found a  gif making website. This was the truly scary part since I am using my husbands laptop after killing mine with an infected download last week!  But all is well and this website made it very easy to create the gif.  I just uploaded the pictures and then clicked generate and that was it.  I set the speed so the notes flipped a little quicker but that was all I had to do. I saved the gif to my folder and uploaded into this blog post.  Now you too can enjoy my blend of old and new.

Hope you like it.

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