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Xtreme Color

. . . Color is a huge part of advertisement branding.  Some well-known brands can remove the words from their ads and the design colors can still be associated with that brand.  This Xtreme sports ad on the side of a white van looks odd.  The sign itself is hard to see but the phone number is given in a fluorescent green color.  I am not sure this will do much for brand recognition but the phone number is easy to see.


The value of white space can be huge.  This add is clear . . . we buy cars, so call us if you want to sell one.  You don’t need to know who they are necessarily.  This ad is not building brand recognition; it is simply getting its point across in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Golf Cart

This tag line and image of a parrot with bright tropical colors is a clear metaphor for Jimmy Buffet’s song about Margaritaville.  It is conjuring up the ideals of sun, beach and a cold beverage in your hand.  It does deliver its message in a quick and easy way!


It all about proportion – see how the relationship of the elements in the design use symmetry to grab your attention.  It also makes it easy to capture all the information in a quick glance. Ice cold drink, any size, 89 cents . . . got it!

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