Spooky Dialogue

This week we were to create audio assignments that might work well with our radio show due to air next week.  For one of my projects I chose this one entitled Spooky Dialogue and created a Spooky Commercial to air on the radio show.  The Commercial is coming from my host character Esmerelda a fortune teller who uses a crystal ball to tell you things you seek to discover.

To create the audio I used Audacity and recorded my advertisement and slowed down the speed by 10%.  Then I went to freesound.org and found a scary audio by searching on graveyard sounds.  This one was perfect background music for a commercial and was long enough for what I needed.  I truly appreciate those people who create this stuff and share it.  I added the music track in Audacity and then saved as a MP3 document which I uploaded to Soundcloud.com for am image I used the radio show poster featuring Esmerelda that I blogged to you yesterday.  I have shared this with my teammate that will be putting together our radio show.  Thanks HeadReaper!

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