Hello – who is this?


Scary Phone Call

A phone call with myself!

This was an Audio Assignment I made where I recorded a phone call with myself and then edited the audio to sound like two separate people.  I used the audio editing software program recommend in the assignment, Audacity, and found it to be very user friendly.  I chose to use the theme from the Scary Movie phone call scenes since it lent itself nicely to the horror theme for this blog.

It looks like this assignment was done by a number of other and at least one also posted a tutorial.  I did not use the tutorial to make my assignment but it appears to mirror the steps I took.  My biggest hurdle for this assignment was that I kept unsuccessfully trying to post the audio directly into my blog post.  Finally, it came to me to use another software the host the audio and embed the link into the post.  Once I had this ah ha moment, I went to SOUNDCLOUD and success was mine!  While the tutorial does not tell you to upload your audio to  a host site it does depict an image at the end which has the soundcloud logo on it, so it might have helped me reach my ah ha moment sooner if I have used the tutorial.

I am happy with my audio assignment, it is the most techy assignment I did this week.  Since I am just putting my toes in the water of the technology pool I have utilized the more basic assignments and am thankful that the Assignment Bank offers them.




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