Good Morning Message for the Village

This week we were tasks with creating audio projects that might be useful for the radio show we will submit next week.  I picked this one from the Audio Assignment Bank entitled Good Morning Message for the Village and used it to make a morning weather announced to the listeners of the radio station at DS106.   And of course I kept it in keeping with the horror theme of our blog.

Foggy DS106

In order to make the recording I had to download Audacity again since my computer was taken over by a virus and I am now working on my husbands . . . with strict warnings about not giving him a bug!  I recorded my voice reading the weather report and then slowed it down by 10%.  Then I found some rainstorm audio on and added an audio track containing this sound effect.

After saving the Audacity project I exported it to an MP3 file.  This is where I killed my computer.  What killed my computer was that I googled an audio to MP3 converter and clicked the download and in the process clicked something I should not have.  This time I let Audacity tell me I needed the converter software and then followed their instructions for getting the LAME MP3 converter software they recommend.  I was sweating the entire time and looked at everything before clicking and it was successful.  My marriage is safe – – for now!

With the LAME MP3 converter for Audacity now on my husbands computer I was able to export the file to MP3 and upload to for sharing.


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