911 Emergency Call

Well I am not as happy with this assignment project.  I did create it in a format consistent with the radio show we will air next week, but I am happy it is not actually a piece intended to be used for the show.  This week was all about audio assignments and this one is a phone call being made to the 911 operator where I had to make it seem like two people speaking.  I used Audacity to create the audio and then inserted a phone ringing and some keyboard sounds from the freesound.org website.  All of this is cool and I am feeling much more comfortable creating layers of sound for the audio using Audacity.

For this assignment I tried to make the call sound like two people by editing certain pieces of the audio in an attempt for it to sound like a male for one part of the call and female for the other.  I modified the pitch, tempo, bass and using the fade out and amplify effects; but I still couldn’t quite make the one voice sound like a male.  It seems like this kind of editing of my own voice is much easier when I am distorting it to sound like a monster type creature rather than trying to make it a human male voice.  Even though the second voice doesn’t sound male, it does sound like two different people which was the assignment.  So checking this one off the list and moving on now!



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